Dynamic Stretch

Stretch to gain strength. Yes, strength. Without full range of motion, you won't get the most out of your movements or workouts. 


We offer Dynamic Stretch classes as a complement to Pilates and Cross Training. Some of the benefits include: increased range of motion; access to more muscle fibers (i.e. a deeper squat); improved balance and co-ordination; a greater connection to your body; and enhanced relaxation and ease.


Dynamic Stretch classes combine targeted strength work, co-ordination and balance challenges, and full body movements. Classes also involve deep stretching and fascial release by using foam rollers, tendon release balls, and bands. Dynamic Stretch classes are open to all levels and abilities.


Megan Hamilton is a stretch therapist and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher.  She has completed a neurology movement training programme, and has worked with Tom Myers, the fascia expert.  Megan enjoys working with clients to improve their strength, co-ordination and balance by improving their range of motion and helping them meet their goals on and off the mat. 



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