Pilates Mat classes

The Mat is the foundation of Classical Pilates. It is where everyone starts and must continue their Pilates journey. It is in Mat where you gain all your fundamental Pilates knowledge and accessing total control of your body.


Clients are encouraged to take a one-on-one class before commencing Beginners Mat classes, to understand the terminology and to familiarise themselves with Classical Pilates.

Mat classes are a maximum of 14 people to ensure all the benefits of guidance are maintained. Classes are around 45 mins.

Equipment used includes Mats, power circles, weights and some props (e.g. bands, balls). All equipment is provided. You may bring your own mat.

Beginner Mat

These introduce you to the principles, phrases and foundation exercises used in Pilates. Beginner Mat raises awareness of posture, breathing and controlling body movement, and introduces some challenging exercises.

Intermediate / Advanced Mat

For those who have mastered the beginner exercises with control and proficiency. Intermediate/Advanced contains more challenging exercises and includes more props.


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