Pilates Mat Classes

This is the foundation of classical pilates. It is in mat where you gain all your fundamental pilates knowledge and access total control of your body.

Pilates Reformer

New Challenges, more strength, support and length; using the reformer is the ultimate body treat and perfect complement to the pilates mat workout.

Pilates Tower

All pilates makes you feel taller, but the tower is where you notice it happening all the time. Tower work focuses on movement and flexibility of the spine, and asks for and develops a more upper body strength.

Pilates Chair

The chair is the equipment that asks for a little bit more. Using your pilates connections to isolate parts of the body and focus these areas independently, you will notice your strength grow with each class.

Core, Strength and Stretch

Hugely popular with our clients in sedentary desk jobs, Core, strength and stretch combines core and strength exercises using bands and stretch to balance you out. Bands are used for glutes, arms and thigh muscles.

Cross Training - incl TRX

The Cross training class is a high-energy circuit style session to get your heart pumping. It is suitable for all fitness levels. Work at your own pace to improve cardio. It is high level intensity training.

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